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Do you want to improve your ball control at a faster pace? Whether you're a player, coach, or trainer we have a little cheat code for you; the GBD Heavy Basketball!


A heavy basketball created by Jhayde Zamora & Dondres McMorris was born in search of a way to challenge their clients and help them see faster results in their game.


Designed to improve:

Ballhandling Efficiency

Hand Speed

Ball Control

Playmaking Ability

Muscle Memory


The GBD Heavy Basketball offers a tacky and pebbled real feel no slip deep channel with true bounce bladder ideal for fine-tuning your every movement on the court.

Official NBA Size: 29.5" (size 7)

Weight 3.3 lbs (52.8 oz)

Any surface durability


Designed to be used in conjunction with the @homehandles_gbd program on Instagram, you’ll be exposed to the best collection of ball handling drills structured for elite players. When used with the GBD Heavyball you’ll get the results of 45 minutes of work in 10.


With exclusive access to:

Daily Handle Drills

Weightless Program

GBD Heavy Basketball

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